Swimming Pools Initiative


The primary objectives of this Initiative are to increase the sales and proper installation of high efficiency swimming pool equipment and to deliver energy savings in residential pools in the United States and Canada.

How to participate

You are invited to become a Residential Swimming Pool Initiative participant if you are currently:

  1. promoting high efficiency pool pump equipment that meets the CEE High Efficiency Residential Swimming Pool Pump Specification
  2. demonstrating effective outreach about the benefits of high efficiency equipment to consumers, pool contractors, and retailers
  3. providing contractors and retailers with the necessary tools for bringing the efficiency message to consumers
  4. promoting contractor training and audit programs, ensuring that high efficiency pool pumps are correctly installed so they deliver and maximize energy savings


  1. communicating to CEE that you voluntarily elect to participate in this initiative

Note: CEE typically publishes program information provided by initiative participants in our annual program summaries and other communications. This is the way key market players are kept informed about initiative impacts that advance the goals of the initiative.


The largest energy savings opportunities within residential swimming pools—replacing single-speed pool pumps with higher efficiency multi- or variable-speed models—has been our primary focus. Members have also considered leveraging the ENERGY STAR® test methodology and connected functionality for pool pumps.

A Word about Connected

CEE began development of a CEE specification for connected pool pumps by leveraging the ENERGY STAR connected criteria, member experiences, and the established positions of the CEE membership. The anticipated outcome characterizes the collective needs of members, enables new DSM programs, and ultimately captures new savings.

Data Source:
ENERGY STAR Certified Pool Pumps, accessed February 2, 2015.


Arizona Public Service

Austin Energy

Avista Utilities

BC Hydro

Cape Light Compact

City of Palo Alto Utilities

DTE Energy

Duke Energy

Efficiency Vermont

Energy Trust of Oregon

Georgia Power

Gulf Power

Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program


National Grid

Nebraska Public Power District

New York State Energy Research

Northeast Utilities Massachusetts (now Eversource)

Northeast Utilities New Hampshire (now Eversource)

NV Energy


Pacific Gas and Electric Company


Rocky Mountain Power

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Salt River Project

San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Southern California Edison

Southern California Gas Company

Tennessee Valley Authority

United Illuminating Company

Xcel Energy Colorado