Gas Water Heating Initiative


This Initiative works to increase market penetration of high efficiency commercial water heaters. Efforts center on developing specifications for cost-saving equipment and ultimately, increasing the number of manufacturers, wholesalers, and installers that promote high efficiency equipment to their customers. Goals will be reached when:

  • building owners, building managers, energy managers, or property managers request high efficiency equipment
  • high efficiency equipment is included in new construction building design plans by builders, design engineers, architects, or developers
  • high efficiency equipment is promoted, sold, and installed in commercial buildings by installers
  • high efficiency equipment is available from manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors and promoted to installers and key commercial building decision makers

Long-term goals include:

  1. increasing the number of high efficiency models available
  1. increasing the percentage of sales of high efficiency equipment
  1. building a market of sufficient size to help achieve the scale of production that allows manufacturers to offer high efficiency equipment at an attractive price to commercial building customers
  1. increasing the number of manufacturers, wholesalers, and installers who promote high efficiency equipment to their respective customer bases
How to participate

As with all CEE initiatives, participation in the High Efficiency Natural Gas Commercial Water Heating Initiative is voluntary. Initiative participation requirements focus efficiency program efforts on those aspects that are most likely to have impact on markets. Participation requirements are formulated to achieve that goal:

  • incorporate the CEE efficiency specifications for storage or tankless water heaters—or both—in an incentive program using at least one of the specification tiers for water heaters.
  • undertake at least one of the outreach activities to the supply channel.


Members depend on CEE to funnel information from industry partners and federal agencies on likely opportunities as they continue to look for savings opportunities in applications like racked tankless water heaters for commercial applications.

Increasing the availability of efficient products in the marketplace and encouraging consumer uptake of those products are essential steps in realizing energy savings. Efforts by members participating in the Commercial Water Heaters Initiative continue to promote increased availability of these products. Given the large share of energy used for heating water in food service, commercial kitchens remain a key focus area.

Data Source:
These data were compiled over time by layering CEE tier specifications from the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance, now known as the CEE Directory of Efficient Equipment.


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