Gas Space Heating Initiative


The Gas Space Heating Initiative focuses on increasing market penetration and quality installation of high efficiency residential gas furnaces and boilers. Its goals will be reached when consumers request—and contractors promote and provide—high efficiency equipment and quality installations.

How to participate

In 2014, CEE members participated in this Initiative by:

  1. incorporating at least one of the CEE fuel efficiency specifications for furnaces or boilers in an educational or incentive program
  2. undertaking an awareness program related to the benefits of high efficiency equipment, contractor training, or system optimization, including quality installation, quality operations, and maintenance
  3. promoting furnace fan efficiency specifications (This requirement is optional but encouraged, especially where the specifications are cost-effective for consumers.)

Note: This initiative was replaced on January 15, 2015. Please see the CEE Residential Space Heating and Cooling Systems Initiative for current participation requirements.


In 2014 the CEE Residential Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Initiative worked toward a merger with the CEE Residential Gas Heating Initiative, forming the CEE Residential Space Heating and Cooling Systems Initiative. Combining our perspectives enables us to address related residential end uses as systems, thus enhancing messaging and interaction among efficiency programs and key stakeholders. These stakeholders manufacture, distribute, market, install, and maintain the efficiency systems and are therefore critical to our success.

CEE members aim to achieve high savings targets from residential HVAC programs. Their efforts are supported through revised CEE tiers and achieving critical alignment with the national marketing platform, ENERGY STAR®, including ENERGY STAR Most Efficient.

As well, we expanded the list of products in the CEE Directory of Efficient Equipment, building on the value of this platform for market transformation. The Directory serves as the qualifying list for five CEE initiatives and improves access to—and accurate presentation of—the CEE qualifying product list for residential central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, and water heaters.

A Word about Connected

CEE convened the HVAC and building science industries to examine the energy efficiency potential of connected products. As a result, the CEE Connected Committee completed a framework document—the Demand Response Performance and Communication Specifications for Smart and Connected Variable Capacity Unitary HVAC Equipment—with AHRI and EPRI that begins to standardize definitions for connected residential HVAC products. This framework provides a basis for examining gas savings opportunities through connected technologies. In particular, savings through behavior change, equipment installation and maintenance, and improved customer engagement opportunities are promising ways forward for gas efficiency programs.

CEE specifications enable member incentive programs to identify and promote the most efficient products in the marketplace. These graphics highlight the growing number of efficient furnaces and boilers available in the marketplace. Data indicate that manufacturers are creating more efficient products; this is a focus encouraged by the efforts of CEE member programs.

Data Source:
These data were compiled over time by layering CEE tier specifications from the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance, now known as the CEE Directory of Efficiency Equipment.


Alliant Energy

Ameren Missouri

Atmos Energy Corporation Colorado

Atmos Energy Corporation Kentucky

Atmos Energy Corporation Texas

Avista Utilities Oregon

Avista Utilities Washington

Berkshire Gas

Black Hills Energy

Cascade Natural Gas

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts

Columbia Gas of Ohio

Connecticut Natural Gas

Consolidated Edison Company

Consumers Energy

DC Sustainable Energy Utility

Delta Natural Gas

DTE Energy

Energy Trust of Oregon

Focus on Energy—Wisconsin


Gaz Métro

Liberty Utilities

MidAmerican Energy Illinois

MidAmerican Energy Iowa

Montana-Dakota Utilities Montana

Montana-Dakota Utilities South Dakota

National Grid Massachusetts

National Grid New York

National Grid Rhode Island

New Jersey National Gas

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

New Mexico Gas Company

Nicor Gas Company

Northeast Utilities (now Eversource)

Northern Indiana Public Service Company

NSTAR (now Eversource)

PECI (now CLEAResult)


Puget Sound Energy

Questar Gas Indiana

Questar Gas Utah

Questar Gas Wyoming

SourceGas Arkansas

SourceGas Colorado

Southern California Gas Company

Southern Connecticut Gas

Southwest Gas

Union Gas

Unitil Massachusetts

Unitil New Hampshire

Vectren Corporation Indiana

Vectren Corporation Ohio

Xcel Energy