Data Centers and Servers Initiative


“Data Centers and Servers is a unique Initiative addressing a critical economic function and a large savings opportunity at the same time. By focusing on information transfer among members, research into best practices, and systems approaches, the Initiative creates a space for members to focus on improving program design and implementation issues.”Mark Wallenrod, CEE Board, Southern California Edison
Facilitating the industry’s collective understanding of key market players and industry motivations, this Initiative identifies and recommends program strategies that increase the energy efficiency of data centers and servers. In order to meet the challenges of providing well-informed and leveraged energy efficiency solutions, members support the
development by consensus of definitions and performance specifications as well as identifying market barriers, data needs, and customer engagement approaches. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the efficiency of data centers and servers over and above that of the industry itself.

How to participate

Participation requirements will be determined along with the Board’s adoption of specific initiative components.



Embedded server rooms and closets are an increasing market segment. Data centers are characterized by rapidly changing technology, low tolerance for failure, and layers of split incentives. Source: iStockphoto

CEE members continue to work together to define the minimum data needs necessary for programs to address the existing computer room air conditioner (CRAC) equipment base. This will include retrofit measures involving variable frequency drives (VFD).

In 2014 the Data Centers and Servers Committee pursued a new opportunity in computer room ventilation. Program administrators needed accurate energy estimates to support both prescriptive and custom incentives for Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) variable frequency drive retrofits. A subcommittee worked with a CRAC manufacturer to provide fan and compressor performance data for 15–30 ton air and glycol cooled CRAC units to members.

The Committee is now shifting emphasis to explore opportunities for server consolidation, power management, and optimization program opportunities. In addition, we are supporting programs that effectively reach small to medium embedded data center customers.